Honor your body. Honor your mind. Honor your emotions. Honor you life.


I am so happy you dropped by! My name is Meghan Briana and I am a wellness & mindset coach, specializing in helping you-the heart-centered woman- understand how to work with your body from a place of LOVE to create a healthy, non-restrictive lifestyle that supports who you are and who you want to be; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Since I can remember I have believed that each one of us holds a beautiful, unique and worthy space in this world. I have always been the one to make sure everyone around me felt comfortable and loved, and while I am now SO grateful for these gifts, I spent the majority of my life giving that energy away mindlessly. I was unable to create boundaries for myself, and because of it spent way too much time suffering with the side effects; anxiety, stress, anger, and toxic relationships- INCLUDING with food and my body for over 17 years.

So many of us struggle with this because we are not given the proper education and resources for developing healthy relationships. We are given false information and are taught to believe in things that move us away from who we truly are. This is a money-making system designed by our society to make us dependent on outside resources for happiness and validation. And all it has done is made us unhappier, unfulfilled, and more diseased than ever.

And for those of us who are more on the introverted/empathetic side- those of us that thrive in a space that supports creativity, introspection, solitude and deep, meaningful conversations and relationships…this encouragement towards in-authenticity tends to cause even more suffering.

In my practice, I help women take back their power. I help them see their food and body challenges as symptoms of an undernourished relationship with emotion and spirit, and use this as an opportunity for change. You are suffering right now because you are a spiritual and emotional being who has been taught to neglect those parts of yourself, and that neglect has manifested into your physical reality. So…it is only when you start to heal and build your relationship with your mind, emotion, and spiritual connection that you will experience the wholeness, confidence, and peace you desire. And your food and body image challenges will resolve themselves as a side effect. I have personally experienced these INCREDIBLE life changing benefits, and I feel as though it is not only a responsibility, but also a privilege to be sharing my story and utilizing my knowledge and resources to help others heal.

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“In order to save myself, I must destroy first the me I was told to be"-The Dreamer