The biggest thing standing between you and food freedom

The biggest thing standing between you and food freedom/body acceptance is a fear of trusting yourself.

How does this make you feel?

There are several reasons we come up with that hold us back from growth and expansion in our lives. We often blame time, or money, or "putting others first".But at the end of the day what it really comes down to is F E A R; the self-limiting beliefs that keep us safe and comfortable, but also in a state of victimhood and stagnation. And unfortunately, G R O W T H can't happen here.

I make this point because I see so many women struggling hardcore with disordered eating patterns and body image challenges, and I want nothing more than to just pull you all over to the other side with me with the snap of a finger. To the FREEDOM side. To the CONFIDENT, AUTHENTIC, and LIVING LIFE side

I want this for you because I was there, and I know how it feels to constantly worry and feel guilty and ashamed about food and your body. But I also know that this is YOUR journey, and YOU have to do the work.

And the only thing standing in your way is the fear you're holding onto that it won't happen for you, because you don't know what you're doing.


You know walking away from dieting means having to trust yourself to know what you need, and that is terrifying. There is no possible way, right!? At least sticking to dieting and always trying to fit a beauty mold holds a sense of comfort. It is familiar. You know how it works (but doesn't work). It helps you feel like you're in control of something.  It makes you feel like you belong. You feel like you are a part of something important because everyone around you is doing the same thing.

But there is an even bigger part of you..the REAL you..the loving voice inside you that is trying to help you overcome fear...that knows this lifestyle isn't making you happy. It isn't helping you reach your goals, even though you try and convince yourself otherwise. You know you are out of control around food because of this lifestyle, and you also know you can't appreciate your body because this lifestyle encourages you to hate it so you will always need the products and validation it has to offer.

You already know. THAT is the voice that you need to listen to. THAT is the voice that is there, always has been there, and always will be there to guide you on the path to getting everything you want in life

But it can only guide you if you let it.

Let it guide you for once.Stop constantly looking for validation in others, and solutions to problems you don't even have. Allow yourself to break free of this attachment so you can finally see the power in your individuality and the potential of your life here on earth. Because I can promise you, you absolutely DO know what you're doing. And you will know it more once you stop listening to everyone who is telling you you don't.

You are SO powerful. You are SO capable. You are SO worthy of love and acceptance and happiness. But you will never experience any of this in your lifetime as long as you continue to diet.

And you certainly won't ever have a healthy relationship with food or your body.

It's just the fear my friend. That is all that is holding you back right now, and all you really need is a little guidance and support to get you started. Take it from a former pro dieter- binge eater- body hater now on the other side. It's not as scary as you think. It is WAY better over here.

We have love.

And fries.

I had to do the work to get here just like you do. My hope for you is that you will take advantage of the tools and resources I am offering so your journey doesn’t continue to feel as frustrating and hopeless as mine did for so long.

I am HERE FOR YOU. I can help you through this. I can guide you in the right direction and walk beside you as you learn to trust your own inner compass.

You just need to take take that first step.

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