Healing is a journey, not a destination

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So happy to have you here, and I hope that in keeping up with these weekly blogs you'll be able to find some inspiration in your journey!

Today I want to briefly talk about the word "healing" when it comes to recovering from disordered eating patterns. I think a lot of us overthink this word and assume it means once you get to a certain point, you will be completely free and you'll never experience another difficult moment with food again, ever. 

As much as I would LOVE to tell you that's the case..it just isn't. What I can tell you is that recovery is a thing of messiness and beauty all rolled into one, and it is about SO MUCH MORE THAN THE FOOD. You will be amazed at how much more expansive the world and it's opportunities become, how much the quality of your entire life will improve, and how much more authentic and powerful YOU will become in the process.

I, for example, coach women how to heal from food and body image challenges, but it doesn’t mean I’ve “figured it all out”. What I have absolutely mastered is the art of being authentic. I've learned how to value my own belief systems and my own inner guide over the noise of society and my environment. I know how to be mindful of my emotional and mental state; the things I am feeling, the things that I tell myself, and I'm learning how to deal with them when life throws curves. I no longer feel guilt or shame around my behaviors, and I know how to listen to my internal spiritual and biological cues. To sum it up..I know how to be my own person, I'm cool with the who that I am, and anything or anybody that doesn't support that can kick rocks.

That is what i teach my clients, because taking back that power is how healing truly begins

As non-eating behavior related as all of that up there sounds, it actually has everything to do with it. Because for the most part, our poor eating behaviors are a symptom of avoiding our internal compass.  We want to avoid what our body, mind, and soul are telling us because we fear it won't fit into the mold. It is in our nature to want to fit in, to want to experience love and acceptance from those around us, so we do everything we can to conform to what that looks like. Unfortunately this idea that there is one way to look and behave and live is a lie. So in avoiding who we are, and instead attaching to what society tells us to be..we lose ourselves; and therefore our eating, thinking, and living patterns become disordered.

Crazy right? That our challenges with food are actually just a symptom of something deeper going on? Well, it's true..and with the constant pressure our culture puts on us to stay attached to the obvious as the problem, healing from disordered eating is less of a fix and more of a lifelong practice.

One of the biggest challenges we face overall is this common idea that we have been taught that suggests something in our lives can be permanently “fixed”; the thing we want to change changes, and then the work stops. But this stuff is very much like disease. It’s a maintenance game, and when you stop making maintenance a priority, some of the old stuff often comes back up again. Same thing happens when life throws curveballs.

Again, it's a constant practice. 

So no fear if you currently feel as though "healing" is a big scary word. This process isn't asking perfection out of you. There will always be something that asks us to look inside ourselves and grow, and the very first thing we need to do is learn to be ok with that. Learn to detach from the idea that if we take some measurable action, once we get there we never have to work at it again. We can conquer what it is we are trying to achieve, but what this actually looks like is finally developing an understanding as to how it’s done, the value it has to the quality of our lives, the necessary will to continue doing it, and a peace in knowing it no longer controls us.

That is what healing truly looks like. .


If you are unsure as to if you have a problem with food, or you already know you do but you don't know where to start, click here for some additional guidance

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