Food Freedom, Body Peace, & Confidence- You Need to Go Backwards Before You Have Any Chance of Moving Forwards

It’s a rebellion, really.

I run this free Facebook community that I created to support and help guide women (probably much like yourself if you are reading this) in their journey’s towards authentic health, food freedom, and body peace..and one of the questions I ask upon entrance is something like “how would you expect to FEEL once you have a better relationship with food and your body?”

And guess what the two answers I receive the most often are?

Confident, and Free

Well wouldn’t you know..the very things we are told we will achieve by investing our time, money and energy into diet culture “solutions” aren’t quite breeding the results they promise. In fact, what diet culture is actually doing is manipulating the definitions of words and concepts to work in their favor. For example, “willpower” is somewhat a thing that exists, but contrary to popular diet culture belief it does NOT exist when it comes to our appetite. We actually can’t substantially control our appetite, so shaming us into thinking we have a willpower problem when we struggle with counting calories or controlling our food portions is a crock. Also, “confidence” has been completely deconstructed and put back together like a Picasso painting. I’m pretty sure the majority of us aren’t really sure what it would mean to truly feel confident in who we are, because we are taught that it relies most heavily on our physical bodies. How many times have you seen an ad for something in the weight loss realm that implies that it is necessary for you to lose weight or tone up to be confident in a bathing suit? This makes no sense. Confidence is feeling sure of who you are as a person, and the aesthetic of your body has ZERO to do with that. It works from the inside out, not the outside in.


The FREEDOM we desire stems from the fact that we are bound by all of these rules when it comes to food and our bodies. What sucks here is that so many of the rules we live by are either put in place by science-which is constantly changing and contradicting itself and not being updated when it does, or created by companies that play on emotion and use guilt and shame just to sell their product or lifestyle. We also tend to focus now on social media icons thinking they have it all together, when at the end of the day most humans on this planet are just as lost and searching for answers as we are. It’s often the blind leading the blind in this space. We are so busy trying to keep up with what this looks like and what everyone else is doing we forget to pay attention to what really makes us work as individuals.  When we do this its like we are building a TV stand by following a set of directions for one that is made by a different company. We are trying to manipulate our bodies to work the same way someone else’s does, and we fail over and over again because we 1. Aren’t made of the same exact material 2. Don’t have the same exact parts 3. Are usually a different frame size 4. Have imperfections in different places 5. Require slightly or not so slightly different things to be functional. We are TOO RELIANT on what everyone else tells us to be true, and have ZERO idea how to trust ourselves. As long as we are following these ridiculous rules, we will never be free.

So when I say in order for you to experience food freedom, body peace, and true confidence you have to go backwards first in order to move forwards, what I mean is that all of that stuff up there you are going to have to UNLEARN so you can make space for learning the things that actually make sense

Basically, you need to rebel. Changing your body is not the answer.

And who doesn’t want to be a little rebellious every now and then? Especially if it means finally walking your own path..the one that WORKS.

If you want to know what it feels like to truly be confident and free from the rules and your food and body image challenges, you can’t keep doing what you have been doing. It isn’t working, and it’s not your fault. What you CAN do now is choose to take that step into rebellion; unlearn all the junk that has been keeping you stuck, and learn how to do what is right for YOU

If you want some support in this space..let’s talk! You can fill out this short form and I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how I can help you

I hope to see you soon!

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