Is the #bodypositive movement intimidating you?

I posted a quick blurb on my Instagram and one on my Facebook account this morning that were related to the body positive movement and how loving your body doesn’t necessarily have to mean posing half naked on social media to prove it.

I’ve already gotten quite a bit of engagement (positive and negative) on this message so I decided to take it to the blogs.

(btw I’m happily eating leftover fries for breakfast as I write this..just thought you should know) .

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So let me ask..Does the body positive movement intimidate you?

I want to start off by saying that I love and support anybody and any message that promotes body positivity and moving away from toxic societal beauty standards and diet culture. So much love to anyone who has the courage to be brave on social media and stand up for our right to be and look like the natural beautifully imperfect people that we are. This is just MY perspective from where I stand in my journey today.

So I want to point out that a LOT of body positive role models (so I’ve noticed) spread their message by constantly showing off their beautifully imperfect bodies. I used to do this myself to some degree, so I understand that this is intended to show women that we are allowed to have an imperfect body in a space that has glorified certain body standards for so long... but it needs to be said that...

Showing off your naked/half naked body on social media is not the one deciding factor that determines whether or not you accept it.

Though it is a powerful and brave statement in our society today, it is not a REQUIREMENT for you to show off your body to strangers to prove you accept and honor it, even if you are an influencer in this space.

I have struggled with this a lot. I feel like I have truly gotten to a place where i am accepting and loving of my body, and even though my life’s work is technically in the body positive space, I have never been comfortable sharing my body with the world of social media for the sake of promoting confidence. After following so many other women in this realm who have been brave enough to show off their physical imperfections, I felt a bit maybe I should be doing the same thing.

But then I realized that I spent my entire adult life focusing on my body as the issue as well as the answer to my problems, and I didn't want to have to do that anymore. I didn't want my body to be the answer to my confidence problem, so my goal this whole time has been to take my focus OFF of it. Not to run away from it, but to no longer have to make my physical appearance my main priority regardless of how much I was finally able to embrace it.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but this is how I see it..

It is diet culture and society that created this idea that having a perfect body is the key to happiness in life and that our bodies should be the primary focus of our attention, and it is social media they have inundated with this visual message. To me, the whole point of walking away from diet culture and societal beauty standards is also to walk away from what it stands for which is that, again, the body should be the main focus of our time here on earth.

Is it really forward progress if even though we have learned to love our bodies, we aren’t evolving past making them our primary focus? If we are continuing to plaster our confidently imperfect half nakedness all over the internet, is it any better than doing it for the goal of selling a beauty standard?

Woah..heavy questions to ponder, I know. And I'm not sure there are any right answers. BUT again these are just things that pop into my head as another woman who too has been a victim of body image issues my entire adult life. 

MY idea of body positivity is an awareness of the fact that I have this beautiful body that is working to keep me healthy and alive, and it is worthy of being taken care of no matter what it looks like. Aside from that, I understand that my purpose here on earth is much deeper.

We can learn to love our bodies, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be our life’s work. The healing process should be learning to accept and honor your body no matter what, so you no longer HAVE to focus on it as a means to make your dreams come true. Learn to accept who you are, and move on to living the human experience as the spiritual being that you are.

Healing, and walking away from this stuff can look any way you want it to. You can show off your beautiful bod, but you also don’t have to. Neither one is wrong, and neither one means you love yourself any more than the other. Just please don’t think you HAVE to walk this path in the same way that someone else does, and please know that healing your relationship with your body is only one step (a huge one) forward in getting you moving in the direction you are meant to go.

Body acceptance is not the end game here. It’s just a stop on your journey of SELF acceptance.

You are meant for HUGE things. Things that are so much more important than your physical form. Please remember that.

I would LOVE to hear your ideas about this so please feel free to drop a comment below!

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