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Dieting is the new comfort zone in our search for a happy and healthy lifestyle

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Nothing changes if nothing changes”

Not all action we take to reach a goal actually helps us get any closer to where we want to be. A lot of times we will work very hard at trying to reach a place we haven’t been able to reach yet by doing the same things that don’t work over and over again, because it’s safe.

And we wonder why we never get anywhere.

Dieting is one of these safety zones. And it’s a waste of time.

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Food Freedom, Body Peace, & Confidence- You Need to Go Backwards Before You Have Any Chance of Moving Forwards

It’s a rebellion, really.

I run this free Facebook community that I created to support and help guide women (probably much like yourself if you are reading this) in their journey’s towards authentic health, food freedom, and body peace..and one of the questions I ask upon entrance is something like “how would you expect to FEEL once you have a better relationship with food and your body?”

And guess what the two answers I receive the most often are?

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Breaking the cycle of dieting & binge eating; If I can do it, so can you.

I spend a lot of time talking to women about the different ways they can ditch the dieting and conquer disordered eating patterns, not only because I have so much personal experience in this realm, but because in recovering myself I’ve discovered how beautiful the other side of this struggle can be.

So yea of course I want to share that with as many people as possible.

But I will always be transparent about the fact that just as anything worth having naturally is, it can be a messy process at times. 

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Healing is a journey, not a destination

So happy to have you here, and I hope that in keeping up with these weekly blogs you'll be able to find some inspiration in your journey!

Today I want to briefly talk about the word "healing" when it comes to recovering from disordered eating patterns. I think a lot of us overthink this word and assume it means once you get to a certain point, you will be completely free and you'll never experience another difficult moment with food again, ever. 

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