Breaking the cycle of dieting & binge eating; If I can do it, so can you.


I spend a lot of time talking to women about the different ways they can ditch the dieting and conquer disordered eating patterns, not only because I have so much personal experience in this realm, but because in recovering myself I’ve discovered how beautiful the other side of this struggle can be.

So yea of course I want to share that with as many people as possible.

But I will always be transparent about the fact that just as anything worth having naturally is, it can be a messy process at times. 

This journey isn’t just about building a better relationship with food, it’s about transforming your entire life.

If you are struggling endlessly with poor eating habits and your mindset around your physical appearance, it is time you see it as a sign that the entire quality of your life is compromised. How we behave around food and our bodies is more often than not a direct reflection of how we are living, OR a symbol of unaddressed areas in our lives that need to be worked in. So though you may not quite believe it deciding to take that HUGE step to ditch the dieting and actually start creating a loving space for food and your body, what you are really doing is taking your first step forward towards positive transformation in every area of your life.

And wow can that be scary! But believe me, if I can do TOTALLY can. 

Let me explain WHY I am confident this is true. So much of what we are dealing with when it comes to our challenges with food is a product of our emotions and the things we tell ourselves on a daily basis. And in my life-in my journey as an empath, I am extremely prone to negative thoughts and energy as well as anxiety and depression. When I feel something, it is as deep as it gets. When I am depressed, it is extreme. When I love, it is with everything  I have. This basically means I have to be EXTRA careful of my choices, and practice self awareness and self care DAILY. The catch is, because I am a creative mind and very sensitive to energy, I struggle to be motivated to create balance and structure in my life. BUT if I don't have these things, I suffer greatly. 

Yea, its a challenge and a half

In a nutshell, I have to work especially hard to stay consistent with self care, awareness, and routine because the second I stop I tend to fall into a heap of mental fogginess and emotional wreckage. 

Think about what I mentioned above. "How we behave around food and our bodies is more often than not a direct reflection of how we are living, OR a symbol of unaddressed areas in our lives that need to be worked in" I think the reason I was so addicted to dieting in the first place is because it helped me create some kind of structure in my life. It was an effort to control something I absolutely had no control over. It was a false idea of living that I created for myself so I could stay on the surface, pretend I was doing what I was supposed to, and so I didn't have to face those areas that needed work. It allowed me to continue to think about me and play victim to my circumstances without feeling guilty, because I was surrounded by a community of others that were doing the same thing and making it ok.

For the sake of not making this long story even longer, the point my experience with eating and body challenges, I was pretty much as submerged in the symptoms as one can possibly be, I always felt everything to an extreme, and I stayed in that space because I was unaware that what I was really doing was trying to avoid myself.

So again, If I can do can too.

So how do we start dealing with these issues in the personal realm? Well, we don’t actually look at food and your body as the problem. We inspect everything that is going on in your world, what your belief systems are, how you talk to yourself, experiences you’ve been through, things that stress you out, what your relationships are like, etc. And in working in and improving these areas, we begin to notice how the food stuff so often just works itself out as a side effect

The eating challenges are just a symptom of something deeper, you see. So a more empowered sense of self = a better relationship with food (and your body!)

Like I said before, this takes work; and it is often digging into those deeper places that we are trying to distract from. But personally, I would rather take some time to work on connecting to my authenticity and dealing with the parts of my life that are actually causing my suffering, than wake up everyday working towards a never-ending physical goal by doing things I hate. THAT kind of work (the latter), although we’ve been made to believe differently, will NEVER breed the results that we want. Working on the deeper stuff and learning how to appreciate who we are as people so we can let it go and move on with our lives is what will really afford us those dreams we've been chasing.

Now THAT is powerful. THAT is something worth striving for.

We can’t lose if we know who we are and what our purpose is, because it is then that we know how to live and THRIVE in a world that profits from our insecurities.  

But where do we start? The very first step is understanding, and being aware of what is going on in our society and in our own lives. 

So open your mind up to the possibility that maybe the majority that rules has it all wrong, and YOU are the one with all the answers. 

TRUST yourself. Start seeing your challenges as doorways of opportunity. Get excited that there is hope for a better present and future no matter where you are in your journey.

And of course, reach out for help. Even though you may have to dig a bit deeper for resources and support, it does exist!

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