Dieting is the new comfort zone in our search for a happy and healthy lifestyle

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Nothing changes if nothing changes”

Not all action we take to reach a goal actually helps us get any closer to where we want to be. A lot of times we will work very hard at trying to reach a place we haven’t been able to reach yet by doing the same things that don’t work over and over again, because it’s safe.

And we wonder why we never get anywhere.

Dieting is one of these safety zones. And it’s a waste of time.


When you think about dieting..I bet there probably isn’t a lot about it that is appealing to you other than the rainbow and pot of gold that is promised on the other side, right (you know..the one that you haven’t been able to “make yourself” reach yet)?

You have to restrict foods you enjoy, cut back on serving sizes, count calories, measure, weigh, and track, and it takes up the majority of your life in one way or another. If you aren’t focused on shopping from a perfect list and preparing perfect foods, or working out in ways that you hate, you’re thinking about it-planning your next move, wondering when you can eat again; if you were accurate in your calorie count, if you could maybe sneak an extra cheat meal in this week, how much exercise would undo the bread you ate too much of at lunch.

OR you’re dreaming about the day you finish your diet and you suddenly become a goddess. You will have everything you’ve ever dreamed of, you will love your body, you will know exactly how to behave naturally around food without the rules, you will be able to take that trip you’ve been putting off until you lost that last 10 pounds and you will feel 100% confident in your bikini while you’re there. On the flip side, you’re also thinking about how gross you are right NOW; how ashamed you are of your appearance and how you wish you had better willpower like those girls you keep following that you found in the #fitspo feed on Instagram.

If you’re not thinking about all of this, you’re having conversations about it. Maybe you’re even dreaming about it.

OR you’re spending countless hours lying about and feeling guilty for sneaking food that doesn’t fit on your meal plan.

Sound familiar?

It’s safe to say dieting takes up nearly all of our time in one way or another, and leaves us little to no room to actually be present in the lives we have.

And it’s a cop out.

Diets are easy. They are the conversation we are having about wanting to be healthier, without actually having to do the real work. They let us off the hook because contrary to popular belief..they don’t work.

Don’t believe me? Diets are “proven” to work only 1-3% of the time (and even that’s a stretch), and yet we’re still investing in them. Even though we know deep down they make us miserable and don’t get us to where we want to be..we choose to keep trying.

I’m pretty sure if someone told me to do something that only promised a 1-3% chance of survival..I probably wouldn’t do it.

A large part of why we keep trying, of course, is because we have been conditioned to believe that this is the way of health, and if we fail at it, it’s because we don’t have enough willpower and we should keep trying until we do.

And that would imply that dieting is just one of those hard things that only the strong willed can conquer.

But diets aren’t hard. They’re impossible. Because they work against how our bodies naturally function, and our bodies are a hell of a lot more persistent at trying to keep us alive and well than our minds are.

This is a collective issue

And now that we are starting to finally wake up to this, and it’s becoming more clear that health is about so much more than just constantly trying to lose weight, dieting has become our comfort zone, and it’s our responsibility alone to make the decision to do something different. We may have been conditioned by toxic beliefs, but it’s in our power to change the game...if we really want to that is.

You say you want confidence, great. Take action to be confident, not to try and look like someone else. You say you want to be happy, great. Figure out what makes you happy and take action on that. Trying to change your aesthetic will not build you a bridge to get there. One has nothing to do with the other.

I say diet culture is a conversation because that is literally all it is. Day in and day out we talk about wanting to be happy and confident and fulfilled and healthy, but how long have you been having that conversation without getting anywhere? It gets to a point where even if you’re taking some kind of action within that conversation, if that same action continues to make you miserable and keep you stuck, it’s worthless. If you’re continuing to have the same conversation over and over again, it’s worthless. Forward progress requires new levels of thought and action alike.

We spend so much time distracting from the higher goal by spinning our wheels on the surface. It has become EASY to ignore what it really takes to experience love and acceptance and happiness and fulfillment.

Because we have dieting as our scapegoat.

So when you think about getting all of the things you want for your life you have two choices in the matter;

Keep having the same conversation about it and get nowhere,

OR step out of that dieting comfort zone and actually DO something about it, and succeed.

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